Really? I am naming my blog post “constipated”?? Yeah, this weekend kind of sucked. I woke up Saturday with a pained belly and the inability to poop. It was from out of nowhere! I have never been constipated in my life, so I was kind of shell shocked. And in mild pain. I tried to … Continue reading

Making a Difference

I starting eating well to take care of myself. When I started the Whole30 in January it was to get myself off sugar and see if there were other issues I was having with food and didn’t realize. You know, like legumes, which just happen to make me break out all over my body. Good … Continue reading

Life After Whole30

Things have been busy at work, but I have been able to increase the amount of times I am going to Pearland CrossFit to 4 times a week now. I even got off my ass and went 2 Saturday’s in a row! What! My workout are feeling stronger and it’s making me pretty happy! I … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 31

Hitting the home stretch here! I am thinking of extending my challenge by a few days because I wasn’t able to do it fully do it, thanks to my wonderful boil issue. Yesterday I got up and did my own home¬†workout for half an hour. I decided to challenge myself and jogged around my block–which … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 20

Today was my first day at work from vacation and I could blame it on that for the fact that I didn’t exercise today, but I won’t. It’s a whole different level of challenging to spend quality time with your family, work and exercise. I got up this morning and made breakfast for myself and … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 14

Today was a fail in the workout department–I have a cold, I am stuffed up and breathing constricted. I knew it was coming on yesterday but I was hoping that with having the day off I would be able to kick the cold faster. Sadly, no. So I didn’t workout today. By no means does … Continue reading


I have been struggling for the past three weeks. It’s all explainable and it’s not like I am giving up, but it has been a tough time exercise and diet-wise. The week before the big day had three major events that were poor for me diet-wise. Dinner at The Keg, me making a fattening dinner … Continue reading