Ups and Downs

I am continuing to lose the weight guys!!! I posted a status on my Facebook page {located here} about how after 6 weeks I am down 13lbs and 18lbs of fat, which is the most I have lost in that span of time in my life. I am not sure I can emphasize this enough. I am not perfect, I eat more sugar than I should still, but the increase of protein and increase in fruit in my diet is working.


Last week was a huge snag though. I got a cold, or so I thought. I was feverish for 2 days straight but never fully developed mucus or congestion–just a cough and wheezing. Those symptoms escalated fairly quickly and it turns out I have pneumonia. Crazy!! So now I am on steroids, I now own a machine so I can steam my lungs with medicine to open my airways and an antibiotic. After treatment last night and today, I am feel a lot better. I am resting. And as an entrepreneur, do you know how hard that is? Resting? I suck at it. But the Olympics have arrived and that is a wonderful distraction. Also, I watched the entire season of Stranger Things on Netflix in two days. That show is amazing!! It’s like a creepy love letter to the 80’s and Stephen King.


My eating last week also wasn’t so great, not in a binge-way, but in a I’m-not-hungry way but give-me-all-the-soup way. I am know I am not eating enough or drinking enough water but now that I am finally feeling like a person, I am rectifying that.

So yeah, with some good, comes the difficult. I now have a new breathing machine that makes me feel like I am 80 years old, but it’s getting my lungs better, and that is what matters. Hoping the next few weeks are a bit better.

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