I know I am not a mom or taking care of a huge family, but still, my life has gotten pretty hectic as of late and basically all of February was me instantly reacting to what was happening. And it’s been a month, so if I repeat things from a previous post, I apologize. 1. I got … Continue reading

Disappearing Act

Hey everyone, long time no post. My life has blown up a bit–I have been taking pictures {on the path to doing my own photography business, wut!} every weekend, learning how to process pictures faster, oh and still trying to prep delicious foods every weekend. Add onto that a semi-promotion at work, where I am … Continue reading

Busy and Tired

This has been a long week for me. I only went to CrossFit two times because I was either booked or exhausted. What have I been doing? I was being cross-trained at work, I had 2 chiropractic appointments and one night I came home and napped until 7pm. My brain has been busy, so my … Continue reading


I needed it. I burnt the midnight oil on the weekend, working at the store and then coming home and spending 2-3 hours writing performance reviews (they are done, so yay!). Yesterday I was at work at 6am and didn’t get home until 6pm. I was beyond tired. I fell on the couch and said … Continue reading

Day Two

Day two started out pretty much like day one–enjoying my two morning drinks, having fruit for breakfast and drinking lots of water. Then I noticed a few differences from day one: I have to pee more, and it might be because I drink 3 drinks in the morning, but it lasts all day long. I … Continue reading


I am pooped. After working four days in a row (equaling 36 hours), plus working out with Jacquie and doing cardio on my own, I am just dead. I have a workout on my schedule for today and I am just not feeling it at all. I just want to sleep. Here is the difference … Continue reading