Hey hey! I finally stopped being scared and got my ass to CrossFit this morning! Considering I spent the fall sitting and editing pictures and not working out, my body was not used to being tested and my conditioning was hard to find. But I was there, I kept up with the others and I didn’t … Continue reading

Summer = Hibernation

It’s odd that I would have a title like this, but I need to express how fucking hot it has been here in Texas this summer. We went an entire month {after the flooding} without rain. The temperature climbed to over 100 degrees plus the humidex, meaning each day felt like it was 115 degrees. It … Continue reading

GOALS {2014 Edition}

Buckle up beotches! I have been doing a lot of thinking about my physical abilities and where I want to go for 2014. I have been thinking about this for a good 6 weeks and consulting with my trainers and everything. I have been thinking about my food and have experimented over the past 10 … Continue reading

My Mantra

I have had a pretty great week–eating and writing it down is happening; back at CrossFit; feeling healthy! All good, good things. I have been doing some thinking for 2014 and how I plan to go after the year is summed up by the following video {and I think I might play it every moment … Continue reading

Writing it ALL Down

Today I made a small change in my life–I decided to start a food journal. I had been doing My Fitness Pal for a little bit but I dislike having to input all my foods–it’s time consuming and irritating. I know it saves my food but I have a lot of new foods I eat … Continue reading

Warrior Dash

My friend Hollie impressed me by doing the Warrior Dash just over a week ago. Her pictures made it look challenging yet fun. Add onto that I have wanted to do an even like this for a year. So on Sunday I went to their website and found out that the next run in Houston … Continue reading

New Focus

I want to thank some people for their comments over twitter about my latest blog. Your comments rang true–I really can be too hard on myself. I need to take myself a little less seriously and to accept that mishaps are going to happen, even with the best of intentions. I work in a job … Continue reading

Planning Ahead

This is Robert’s birthday weekend, and his big request for eating out has been to go to Maggiano’s, an Italian restaurant that has literally no item its menu that are under 15 points. Instead of beating myself up for this scenario, I have decided to embrace it. I am going to eat a meal that is made … Continue reading

The Power of Yogurt

I have ton confess, yogurt and I are not friends. Or, we hadn’t been for the longest time. I ate it a lot as a kid and grew to hate the taste of it. To this day I cannot eat it out of a dish. Then Yoplait came out with this frozen smoothie that contains … Continue reading

Another Pound Down!

Hello Easter weekend! Hello mini eggs!! You are tempting little beasts, I tell you! I ate them, I ate more than I probably should have (wait, yes. I definitely ate a bag of them)(and not the small bag). And then I did the crazy thing, I weighted myself. Oh and I had just started my “crime scene” week … Continue reading