Advocare 24 Day Challenge: The Sequel

I decided back in November that right after Christmas I would do the 24 day challenge again, to reset my taste buds and get my cravings for sugar nipped in the bud right away. I am entering day 3 right now, and I think this time around the challenge is more difficult when it comes … Continue reading


Sorry about the hiatus, I have been going through a lot internally as of late. After the ten days of cleanse I went to Dallas on a training trip with work, which was nice and fun but they fed me the entire time. Again, I express that the them putting me up in a hotel … Continue reading

Rewarding Myself

Today was a day off, which is so rare and glorious for me. I decided that I needed to treat myself for all the hard work I have been doing, and I knew that it wasn’t going to come in the form of food. Instead I got a manicure (which I need for work) but … Continue reading

Day 7 Check-In

Sorry check in yesterday, I closed and came home and basically went straight to bed. The last two days I have been struggling a little bit in the sense that I am wanting different food. So I probably should have started to diversify my meals at this point, but I got through! Today thought I … Continue reading

Day 5 Check-In

Today my mind wasn’t the enemy, which was a huge relief! I got up and went to my boot camp, it was a specialty class that focuses on my legs and butt. It was a great class, lead by Monica. Afterwards I talked with Shellie, one of the owners of the boot camp, regarding my … Continue reading

Day 4 Check-In

Today was rough. My mind was my enemy at every turn, as was my environment. Today I was at a training class from 9am to 3pm. In said class there was a bowl of chocolates to my left and my right, beckoning to me to be eaten. I didn’t touch them, but around 2pm I … Continue reading


I should have been weighed and measured before starting the cleanse, but I started it on Sunday, when I couldn’t go to my gym because I was at work. I don’t own a scale (I think owning one leads to unhealthy obsession, as I have personally witnessed many women in my life weigh themselves everyday). … Continue reading

Day Two

Day two started out pretty much like day one–enjoying my two morning drinks, having fruit for breakfast and drinking lots of water. Then I noticed a few differences from day one: I have to pee more, and it might be because I drink 3 drinks in the morning, but it lasts all day long. I … Continue reading