Thinspo and Fitspo–Helpful or Hurtful?

I have both a Tumblr account and a Pinterest account and I really enjoy pinning/reblogging pictures of the fitness persuasion that “speak” to me. At first there were a ton, and it made me feel motivated, but soon I found myself struggling to connect with the pictures I was seeing or the sayings that went … Continue reading

First Short Term Goal Results

On December 2st, I set forth some short term goals that I wanted to use to help me through a difficult weekend of eating, while being away from my home and therefore eating out. Here is what I set before myself: To not eat anything that is off-program. I tried for the whole week and … Continue reading

New Pictures

I haven’t posted pictures since August, so here are some cross comparison’s of what I looked like then and what I look like now. From the Front:   From the Side: And here are some close ups: My top roll is almost gone, which is a major difference in the two pictures, plus you can … Continue reading

6 Weeks Later (RESULTS!)

Hello avid readers! Today, a day early, I got weighed and measured. I didn’t want to come back after a weekend in Austin, after eating a steak dinner tonight and eating out tomorrow. With not being able to control how things are made, I know I will consume more calories, fat and sugar than I … Continue reading

First Day of Preparation

This morning I got up and knew as part of my workout I was going to get there mentally before I left. I knew that today’s workout was going to be a doozy because Frances likes to really work the crap out of us after a weekend. To get prepared I thought about all the … Continue reading


I was reading another person’s weight loss blog as I was watching The Biggest Loser and I started to think to myself–I am good at chronicling how things are going for me but I have stopped discussing how I keep myself motivated. It has not been a cake walk. Let’s discuss how I have been at the same … Continue reading

6 Weeks Later…RESULTS

Today was the big day, I went to my boot camp and got weighed and measured. As per normal, my body has done whatever it can to hold onto my body weight. It’s actually ridiculous at this point. I work out four to five days a week, and in six weeks I lost 1.4 pounds. Ha ha … Continue reading

Bad Idea

I had an amazing week last week–I worked out everyday and was really kicking it hard at my boot camp. Then the weekend hit and it pressed the pause button. Well it really felt like I pressed the STOP button if you want the truth. Friday night I had my friend Tillie over and I made … Continue reading


I am pooped. After working four days in a row (equaling 36 hours), plus working out with Jacquie and doing cardio on my own, I am just dead. I have a workout on my schedule for today and I am just not feeling it at all. I just want to sleep. Here is the difference … Continue reading

New Workouts

Bah! This week I started some new workouts, thanks to Jacquie. I needed this because I was bored in my old one. But let me tell you! I have been so sweaty and gross this week! Monday I worked out on the elliptical machine for 40 minutes, alternating between level 4 and 8. I was … Continue reading