First Short Term Goal Results

On December 2st, I set forth some short term goals that I wanted to use to help me through a difficult weekend of eating, while being away from my home and therefore eating out. Here is what I set before myself:

To not eat anything that is off-program. I tried for the whole week and the weekend. I had a Starbucks on the Saturday, as I posted earlier, but I did not have it at any other point during the week. Now as for not eating crackers or pretzels, I did my best but with the persistent bowel issues I was having, I looked it up, and I actually was recommended to eat crackers to help with everything. So I went off program, and it worked on some days and others not so much. I am glad I made this goal though because it kept me conscious during the trip as to what I was putting in my mouth.

If I hadn’t gotten sick, I am pretty sure I would have been able to keep the goal better. But I have been thinking of my next short term goal and I think the following is a good one, as it is 2 weeks before another big eating day: Christmas.

To work out 6 days a week and not go above my calorie limit each day.

On the weekends I sometimes don’t work out, then I find the Monday workout to be horrific and I promise to myself that I will workout on Saturday or Sunday so it isn’t as rough. I workout Monday to Friday, so doing one on the weekend, on my own, isn’t too much to ask. And it will make Monday’s less harsh.

As for calories, I find that sometimes I go over my sodium or sugar limit for the day and I over-snack. So this is also a good goal for me.

I will check in, in a week, and let you know how it goes. It might still be hit and miss because I am still not feeling 100% and I need to eat bananas and crackers to make everything come together.