Eating Works!

After my fitness test I went out and bought some snacks to help me eat every 2 hours. I invested in Fiber 1 bars and Special K bars, some bananas and peanut butter. And I ate every two hours. It wasn’t easy, I worked everyday and in retail, that doesn’t always allow you to eat … Continue reading

Feeling Sick

I have only worked out once this week due to feeling nauseated for three days. The flu was going around like wild fire and I don’t know how I dodged it but I didn’t barf! *knocks on wood* It wasn’t until this morning that I started feeling better, like my body had stopped trying to … Continue reading

Pushing Forward

I am going into my third week of working out with Jacquie and I went into yesterday’s workout thinking “today should be easier, because I have been doing this for two weeks“. Sadly Jacquie brought in her bag of tricks a harder workout than the week before, and totally kicked my butt. I did a … Continue reading

Trainer = Pain = Success

I am exhausted but I felt I needed to write about being with my trainer Jacquie for the first week. Let’s just say that the “fit test” she had me do last Saturday was tiring and it didn’t even have to try. Shit balls!!! I am so out of shape! It’s kind of crazy. Ok … Continue reading

Trainer Shopping

I have lost the weight from my commute but I am still struggling to get past that point. I know I am not eating the BEST but I am staying under a specific amount of calories. And I have been noticing at my workouts that I am not sweating as much, so I have just … Continue reading