5 Miles in

On January 1st it started–90 miles run or walked, in 90 days. On the first day I slept in and honestly avoided it for as long as I could. Then my husband and I went to Body Evolution and knocked it out. Then I finished it off with a 1,000m row. I felt good but … Continue reading

Step Challenge

One of the things I like about the job that I have, is that I can organize healthy events for my company. For 2014 my boss and I have decided to have a health challenge every quarter of the year for our company, which will be completely voluntarily. Starting in January, and running for 10 … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 8

Today was an all-around active day! Work was demanding–I moved heavy freight for a few hours, I got sweaty and gross. I moved heavy objects all around the store and walked to and fro.┬áThis is my day at work more often than not. Then when I got home, I had some dinner and then went … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 5 & 6

Yesterday was an interesting and ultimately exhausting day, hence to no blog entry. I was in my second day of GM meetings for work and at 11am we went to a golf range. Let’s be absolutely clear about this–I am not a golfer. I am a mini-putter at best. I was clear with the guys … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 4

Today I was up early and in a meeting from 8am to 4:30pm. Good, good times. Today was a challenge for movement and eating. I am in a meeting room where their idea of breakfast is a donut. Thankfully they ordered a somewhat healthy lunch, but snack of Halloween candy abounded. Very rough, honestly. Plus, … Continue reading