Summer = Hibernation

It’s odd that I would have a title like this, but I need to express how fucking hot it has been here in Texas this summer. We went an entire month {after the flooding} without rain. The temperature climbed to over 100 degrees plus the humidex, meaning each day felt like it was 115 degrees. It … Continue reading

Change #2: Food

So here is the struggle: I adopted full-paleo at the beginning of the year by doing a Whole 30. It worked really well, I lost weight and I was feeling like a shooting star—full of life and energy. Then after it I slowly saw myself going back to sugar {of course, you tricky vixen} and … Continue reading

A Week of Ups and Downs

Last week I had a rough go when it came to working out as my shifts at work were not the norm and thus I wasn’t able to attend boot camp the way I wanted to. This week was much better for that, I have been 4 times so far, which is great! I also … Continue reading

Sad Week

The day after I returned to Houston my dad called to tell me that my grandmother had passed away. I was very thankful I had seen her four times during my visit and that she had passed knowing how I was doing and could be secure knowing I am happy. The worst part was that … Continue reading

Sickness SUCKS

It leads to me analyzing everything about my fitness and eating. I am the ultimate over-analyzer, which means I have been dissecting what I have been doing, looking at how I eat, workout and how I determine my success. Here is what I am pondering: I am considering training for a marathon. Why? Many reasons … Continue reading

Change in Taste buds?

I don’t know how much I have talked about my relationship with sugar, but it is a love-hate relationship. I love sugar, I will find anyway to incorporate it into my diet, a lot of the time not realizing I am doing it. The hate is from the sugar itself. It changes my body for … Continue reading


This has been a hard fricken week. I have had cravings for sweet foods every single day. It’s frustrating!!! After two weeks of getting used to and doing well at the new eating with more protein, this week came along and tried to kick my ass. Literally almost every moment of the day I was thinking … Continue reading