A Week of Ups and Downs

Last week I had a rough go when it came to working out as my shifts at work were not the norm and thus I wasn’t able to attend boot camp the way I wanted to. This week was much better for that, I have been 4 times so far, which is great! I also had a really great workout yesterday morning because I was so pissed about the house situation going on (we were supposed to close on our house today, but thanks to the mortgage people it will not be until next week, let’s just say I was livid and leave it at that). But from that anger brought two really great workouts and really helped reset my frustrated mood.

One struggle has been eating (again)(Achilles heel anyone??). I am going to confess that I have found a no-fat, no-sugar frozen yogurt with Marble Slab and Tutti Frutti and that my mix-ins have not been the healthiest and that I am eating it more than I should be. Bah! Thus, I need to mentally slap myself and stay away from those delightful items. They really don’t help my end goal!!

I am entering into a time where things are going to start getting rough around the edges–we are closing on a house next week (I hope!!!), we start painting, putting in wood flooring and sanding furniture. Plus, I just got promoted at work and will be starting training at various stores for the position. Further, since I work for Staples, it’s the busiest time of the year, and I am going to be working six days a week for two weeks, all while the house is being put together. Oh, and while we move into it too. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! If anyone has some good tips on how to get workouts in while I am run off my feet, and how to avoid stress eating, I am all ears!

As an ending note, below is a picture of me working out at boot camp, recently taken by my trainer Monica. She loves taking pictures of us when we are all gross and sweaty 🙂

One thought on “A Week of Ups and Downs

  1. Wow! It sounds like a very busy time for you! Quick small workouts might be good. On my tv I can find 10 minute ab, butt, etc. workouts that get my heart beating but are quick and to the point. I usually do them in my pjs too so I don’t need to worry about about to the gym, getting dressed, etc.

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