Sad Week

The day after I returned to Houston my dad called to tell me that my grandmother had passed away. I was very thankful I had seen her four times during my visit and that she had passed knowing how I was doing and could be secure knowing I am happy. The worst part was that I could not be there to comfort my mother. Phone conversations are not the same.

This lead to me working every day until I had to fly back to Canada for the funeral, which in turn lead to a less than desirable workout schedule and honestly I might have eaten my feelings a little. But once I got back to Canada, my working out got back on track (thank you Goodlife Fitness for extending my online pass). My eating? Let’s say 2 out of 3 meals a day are good and that I have been having a bit more sweets than normal. I am attempting to use this as a test to see if I can really feel not guilty for eating that bite of cake or having the entire steak at dinner. It’s also a good test to see if I can get back on the proverbial horse and not go hog wild just because I ate strawberry shortcake. So far, I am passing this test–no guilt and no going hog wild.

On a totally different note, I am sad but also happy grandmother is in a better place. She was a wonderful woman who took great pride in her family and would drop everything to help us. She was very loved and will be missed. Today we bring her ashes to be with her deceased husband, so they can be together.