Summer = Hibernation

its-too-hotIt’s odd that I would have a title like this, but I need to express how fucking hot it has been here in Texas this summer. We went an entire month {after the flooding} without rain. The temperature climbed to over 100 degrees plus the humidex, meaning each day felt like it was 115 degrees. It has been brutal. I would be lying if I said that I still worked out consistently and just adapted to the heat. I have been inconsistent. I have been working a lot of early mornings and working out anytime after 9am is just too hot for me, so I have been hibernating in the air conditioning. It has just been in the past two weeks where I have been back to crossfit three times a week, and boy have I been sore!! I did a WOD Friday where it was a 25 AMRAP of 200m run, 40 wall balls, 200m run, 20 kb swings, 200m run and 10 burpees. I did 2 rounds. When I say that I had trouble sitting to pee, it was no joke. I am hoping that by this week my body might be protesting so badly.

Eating has been pretty good, until Robert’s birthday hit last weekend. I ate so poorly I felt nauseated for a full day and barely ate. In the past I have felt bloated and gross but never so bad that I entirely lost my appetite. I said to my husband that for the future I don’t mind the extra work, but from here on out we make dinner and host people for birthday’s–no more eating out. I have said in the past it’s hard for me, but now it’s getting physically impossible for me.

In other news, I have lost 15lbs of fat since starting working the nutritionist, which is great. I am also mixing it up in the kitchen more, especially since coming back from New York City. I was inspired there on the food tour, and now I am playing with different dishes, while keeping the fat low and the protein high.

I am hoping with this “cold front” that we are having this week, it might stick around a bit and that I will be able to workout more, as I will have the flexibility to do so. If the temps do go back up, I will hibernate until things drop a little. And if I lose weight slower because of this, I am ok with that.