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So I’ve been gaining weight. I know I’ve mentioned this but it got to a point where I was eating real food, limiting carbs and sugar, working out and still gaining weight. So I made appointments, got my blood tested and came away frustrated. You know, you read the blog posts. So at one of my appointments with my chiropractor I confessed to him everything that was going on, how helpless I was feeling and frustrated. He looked at what I was eating and agreed that I wasn’t doing anything that would amount to this weight gain. And he did what no one else did, not my general doctor or my gynecologist, he referred me to a nutritionist. One he was working with. Who works with the Houston Texans.

Friday was my first appointment with the nutritionist. He did body fat analysis with this pod thing, weighed me and we discussed what I eat and when. What my days look like. He laughed at my food weirdness (yogurt, avocado, sweet potatoes, unmelted cheese) but in a good way. He made me feel reassured. Explained what my blood test results mean. So all that time doing crossfit was great but I wasn’t losing weight, just getting stronger and the reason was and are my hormones. My body needs carbs for energy but these same carbs make me gain weight. Ha ha thanks a lot body! So my eating plan has to pair specific carbs with a lot of protein. Like a 5 egg white breakfast. Oh and on days I open at Starbucks? I have 3 meals before lunch at 12:30pm.

weight loss bloggerGrocery shopping was fun, I felt like I was buying their meat section! I also bought a ton of fruit but once I measured it out for my smoothies I realized I needed double I’d what I bought. Ok then!

But it’s all good really. I like that what I’m doing is tailored to me.  That what I’m eating is based off scientific fact. I’m hopeful this will work.

Today was the first full day and it has been interesting, not bad but it’s a lot of food. But peanut butter is part of my food plan so it’s all good! I also made turkey meatballs and paired it with one of the few pasta sauces that aren’t 50% fat.


turkey and pasta

Lastly, here is what my macro nutrients look like these days, which is like carbs and protein chasing each other.

macro nutrients

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  1. I love you and am so very glad you are working with a nutritionist. Keep me posted on your progress

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