Whole30 {60}: Halfway Results

The results areĀ in!! I have to say I was skeptical on whether I would see the same results from this as I did the first time, and although they are slightly lower, it’s splitting hairs, and the good news is that I am losing inches in areas that are a health concern for me, so … Continue reading

Victory Against Sugar!

Short blog entry! I went to my favourite store today Williams & Sonoma for a few Thanksgiving things (turkey baster, specific spices I like) and within the store there were tantalizing displays. Every winter I buy their hot chocolate with the flavored marshmallows. Every year since they first came out. Today, they were on display … Continue reading


Went to the gym this morning–you know all cozy in this grey October morning, not really wanting to be there. But I did it, I got my burn on and by the end, wanted to stay (which is how I have been feeling for the past 3 workouts, that I could go longer and push … Continue reading


I lost another 2.4 pounds this week, coming to a grand total of 8.4 pounds in two weeks. Holy poop!! That’s pretty frakin amazing, right?? And it isn’t a walk in the park. NOPE. I had a friend this week try to sabotage me. Our friendship center’s around food, something I didn’t realize. So when … Continue reading