Went to the gym this morning–you know all cozy in this grey October morning, not really wanting to be there. But I did it, I got my burn on and by the end, wanted to stay (which is how I have been feeling for the past 3 workouts, that I could go longer and push harder). alas, a MIFF meeting and research prep for it wouldn’t allow me to do it. The amazing, splendid, fantastic news is that I weighed myself after the workout and I was afraid. I am always afraid. but joy of joys, I am down 4 pounds, I am now at the weight I was before I start commuting and I am BACK ON TRACK BITCHES!!!! As I sit here in Starbucks, drinking my skinny pumpkin spice latte I grin!! I feel like the past 2 months have been a test, a test I would normally fail and I am winning for the first time in my LIFE.

I need to thank myself, but I also need to thank my old nutritionist Nikki for sowing me what combo of foods to eat, My Fitness Pal for keeping me on my calorie goal and my fiancé Robert. He is always supportive, caring and sometimes tells me things I don’t want to hear, makes me defensive but is always truthful. I just hate the truth when sometimes all I want is chocolate 😉 Oh And Regina. You have lost more weight than me and have inspired me to keep going, when every time in the past I would have given up. I am going to catch up to you *grin*