Fitness Challenge: Day 32 – 35

I am still here! I am still working out everyday!! Work has been crazy, I have been working so hard, putting in so many hours, that I have been coming home exhausted and honestly not in the mood to write about anything. Last night I cuddle with my pillows and watched Castle and Bones. And … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 18 & 19

Before getting into what has happened in the last two days, I want to share the following picture my husband took of my a few days ago. I was trying on hats for fun and in this picture you can really tell the difference in my face that I am getting smaller. My friend Hollie … Continue reading


Sorry about the hiatus, I have been going through a lot internally as of late. After the ten days of cleanse I went to Dallas on a training trip with work, which was nice and fun but they fed me the entire time. Again, I express that the them putting me up in a hotel … Continue reading

Thinspo and Fitspo–Helpful or Hurtful?

I have both a Tumblr account and a Pinterest account and I really enjoy pinning/reblogging pictures of the fitness persuasion that “speak” to me. At first there were a ton, and it made me feel motivated, but soon I found myself struggling to connect with the pictures I was seeing or the sayings that went … Continue reading


This is going to be a short post but I wanted to celebrate the fact that today, for the first time ever, I did a plank during my workout! A full plank. For the last three months I have been doing them on my knees and in my entire life I have never had a … Continue reading

First Day of Preparation

This morning I got up and knew as part of my workout I was going to get there mentally before I left. I knew that today’s workout was going to be a doozy because Frances likes to really work the crap out of us after a weekend. To get prepared I thought about all the … Continue reading


I was reading another person’s weight loss blog as I was watching The Biggest Loser and I started to think to myself–I am good at chronicling how things are going for me but I have stopped discussing how I keep myself motivated. It has not been a cake walk. Let’s discuss how I have been at the same … Continue reading

Much Better Week!

I understand why last week sucked balls. For the men reading this blog, you might just want to skip this paragraph altogether, you have been warned. For the last month I have been on a new birth control and this pill made my body go insane. I was breaking out, I gained weight, my boobs … Continue reading


This has been a hard fricken week. I have had cravings for sweet foods every single day. It’s frustrating!!! After two weeks of getting used to and doing well at the new eating with more protein, this week came along and tried to kick my ass. Literally almost every moment of the day I was thinking … Continue reading

Bad Idea

I had an amazing week last week–I worked out everyday and was really kicking it hard at my boot camp. Then the weekend hit and it pressed the pause button. Well it really felt like I pressed the STOP button if you want the truth. Friday night I had my friend Tillie over and I made … Continue reading