Hey hey! I finally stopped being scared and got my ass to CrossFit this morning! Considering I spent the fall sitting and editing pictures and not working out, my body was not used to being tested and my conditioning was hard to find. But I was there, I kept up with the others and I didn’t … Continue reading

CrossFit Open 14.3 – Beast Mode Activated!

Ola gentle readers! Yesterday I did the CrossFit Open 14.3—which was all deadlifts and box jumps {or for me and my wounded feet box step-ups}. When this workout was announced I was pretty excited as I am very strong in my deadlifting abilities, and I was hoping I could get through the box step-ups without … Continue reading

I See What you did There

Last week sucked at my gym, they were all tough workouts with heavy weights and I was pissed and cursing John by the end of of it. John does all the programming at Pearland Crossfit and is great at it, he pushes my limits, as you well know from my whiny post about last week. … Continue reading

Day of Personal Records!!

Day two of CrossFit and it was pretty fantastic! I also got a massage today and my muscles were so tight from the workout on Monday that she didn’t get to finish my body. Seriously!! That has never happened. I am highly amused and I felt we got a lot worked out in this massage. … Continue reading