CrossFit Open 14.3 – Beast Mode Activated!

14.3Ola gentle readers! Yesterday I did the CrossFit Open 14.3—which was all deadlifts and box jumps {or for me and my wounded feet box step-ups}. When this workout was announced I was pretty excited as I am very strong in my deadlifting abilities, and I was hoping I could get through the box step-ups without hurting myself.


I knocked the crap out of this WOD! I got through the first two rounds in 4 minutes. Wow!! Once I hit round three, those deadlifts got heavy fast. Also, I have never done 20 deadlifts at 155 lbs, so by the fifth one I was like “shit, this is hard!”. But I did all 20 and then was able to knock out 11 box step-ups. My total score was 86 and I am so proud of myself!!!

At the end I felt like throwing up, so I know I put all of myself into that challenge. I was also very careful with my stepping up and down. I always led with my right foot, so that it never had to go down first. This is what saved me a lot of pain afterwards.

And to cap off a great workout, I took some amazing pictures over the weekend and I am excited to post some soon. I was able to get an freeze-frame of one of my coaches doing a box jump. It makes my insides glow, ha ha!

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