Day of Personal Records!!

ex PRDay two of CrossFit and it was pretty fantastic! I also got a massage today and my muscles were so tight from the workout on Monday that she didn’t get to finish my body. Seriously!! That has never happened. I am highly amused and I felt we got a lot worked out in this massage. I do feel that these new workouts work me out on a “deeper” level and that I am tired (almost wiped out) the next day after a workout. I can only imagine how I am going to feel tomorrow night, after a CrossFit workout! It will be crazy…who knows if I will eat dinner? Or be able to undress myself…ha ha oh muscles, you crazy!

Today’s workout was pretty intense. I used love doing one of the movements–the deadlift. Little did I know how painful this movement can be when you add lots of weight to it!! Oh how tonight was a night of pain. But it also came with a lot of triumph!! I set a personal record for running! I was able to run 600 meters without stopping. Amazing!! I wrote a little bit ago that I had found my runners stride and tonight I practiced it a lot. My stride isn’t fast, let’s not be thinking I could out run a zombie or something. Unless the zombie didn’t have legs, and then yes, I could get away at this pace. But whatever! I didn’t stop! I made it!! *happy dance*

On top of that, it became very apparent today that I am good with weights. During strength Debbie kept saying “You make that look easy”. Even at a 75 pounds. It’s interesting what a person can be good at and what they struggle at. I am good with weights, I am less good at conditioning (aka cardio). But here is what we did:

“Warm Up”

600 meter run


As mentioned earlier, I ran this beast in one shot, no stopping. S’up!! Slow runner on the loose!!


Power Clean–establish 1 rep max

We started off on 45 pounds. We did a lot of practice on this move because it is basically impossible to describe and it is so complicated the movement has to be broken down into parts. This is also done to make sure you don’t hurt yourself the first time you do it. We got to 75 pounds. It was established I might be good with weights. I don’t think we hit my max on this at that weight.


40 deadlifts

10 sit ups

30 deadlifts

20 situps

20 deadlifts

30 sit ups

10 deadlifts

40 situps

I did this at 45 pounds–twenty pounds under the weight posted for the workout, which is absolutely fine with me! The highest weight I did in Body Shop was 26 pounds, if I remember correctly. Well this first forty sucked. I think I remember saying that as I sat down to do the sit ups. I got this done in just over 10 minutes and those deadlifts were evil, especially considering my hamstrings were sore from Monday’s workout. I am sure tomorrow will be super fun!

So overall, today was pretty great!! Personal record in running and a good amount of weight in strength! I am feeling pretty great!

ex power clean(this is an almost replica of what I looked like doing the power clean, ha ha!)