Crispy Smashed Chicken Recipe

I tried this recipe under the hope that it would be quick and dirty, thankfully I was correct! It was also darn tootin’ tasty! Simple and full of flavour, that is what works for me! During this process I also learned that mixing water with cling wrap creates a wild situation between yourself and the … Continue reading

Pumpkin Coconut & Maple Custard

I can’t get over this recipe!! (Thank you Nom Nom Paleo, I heart you!) I love love love pumpkin and this is like heaven. Be warned, this might take you out of your baking element as there are some tricky elements to it. BUT! If you nail it, these turn into a dessert that everyone … Continue reading

Paleo Meal Prep Review

This week I tried something new—I ordered 100% paleo food from this woman in my area who is creating her own food prep business. Her story is similar to those around me, once over-weight, now on her path to being healthy. She also does crossfit and has her own amazingly hilarious blog that I love … Continue reading

Coconut Dream Cups

This recipe was interesting–I have never had coconut butter before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say that if you haven’t made these before, the recipe doesn’t fully explain how to make them properly and I made quite a few mistakes. So as I write how to make this, I will … Continue reading

Hummus Love

Yogurt and I have become best friends, and now a new product has entered my life and I don’t think we will be able to stay away from each other. I would like to thank my current boss Catharine for this find, she brought it into work and forced me to have some. It’s hummus, … Continue reading