Crispy Smashed Chicken Recipe

I tried this recipe under the hope that it would be quick and dirty, thankfully I was correct! It was also darn tootin’ tasty! Simple and full of flavour, that is what works for me! During this process I also learned that mixing water with cling wrap creates a wild situation between yourself and the chicken. It was pretty intense, but I will get into that in a little bit.


4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

2 tbsp of ghee or fat of choice {I used coconut oil}

1/2 cup of coconut flour

1 tbsp of kosher salt

1/2 tsp of garlic powder {I used my Epicure Herb and Garlic mix and it was a glorious substitute}

freshly ground pepper

lime wedges (optional) {I bought one and I forgot to use it!! *sigh}



IMG_2303It’s a good idea to have the chicken thawed in advance as having to put the package in hot water to thaw for this is a big waste of time. But if you forgot, put your chicken in hot water and thaw it. Once you are done you are going to hulk-smash the heck out of your chicken to make it thin. What the recipe calls for is sprinkling the chicken with water and placing it between 2 pieces of plastic wrap or parchment paper. Well this is a cool idea in theory but when it’s done in real life, that water acts as a rogue agent with the already slippery as fuck chicken and when you go to smash the chicken it flies out of the IMG_2304plastic wrap!! I had to improvise, by wrapping the chicken tightly in parchment paper and NOT adding water to it. So you want smash the chicken until it’s about half an inch thick.

Next, wash your hands! And then, put the fat in a frying pan and melt it. The recipe calls for a cast iron skillet, but I used what I had–teflon. Then, while the fat is melting, grab the coconut flour, salt, garlic powder and pepper and mix together in a bowl. Then grab a piece of chicken and put it in the mixture. Coat the piece of chicken completely and then IMG_2305put it on the frying pan.

While cooking the chicken the recipe says not to crowd the frying pan, so if it can only handle one or two pieces, then do that. Heck, if it only fits one piece because your chicken flattened out and is huge, just go with it. Cook the chicken for 3 to 4 minutes on each side. The reason? Since you flattened the chicken, it will cook faster. On another side note, I added more coconut oil when I flipped, so that each side had a nice golden IMG_2308look to it.

When the chicken is cooked, put it on a plate, cut it into pretty pieces and put the salsa and sliced lemon and enjoy!! The salsa is delicious with this.