Birthday Shinanigans

I need to learn to celebrate my birthday without using food as the main way I do it. I went all out on Saturday night, went to Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse with my amazing husband. I had 2 martini’s, filet mignon, macaroni and cheese, broccoli and chocolate cake. I was not able to eat it all … Continue reading


I am the queen of excuses. I am becoming more and more aware of this. I have the best intentions, but then my brain kicks in with some subtle reason why I would be allowed to not follow my plan 100%. Some of them are legitimate, like when I get sick or I am pushing myself … Continue reading

Eating Out Tricks

The latest Weight Watchers meeting discussed tricks when you eat out. This was a great topic considering that the week before I ate out three times and ordered from the menu without really thinking too much. I made sure I was ordering chicken and somewhat healthy food but I still ate the bread when it … Continue reading

Weekend of Food

All I can say is I took four days off from my diet this past weekend. My friend Steve came for a visit and I knew what the weekend was going to be. I also considered it a test to see if I could eat off program and not feel guilty. And then, if I didn’t … Continue reading

Trouble with Travel

Went to Houston last weekend and wound up doing a few things I was mentally prepared for but also left me feeling kind of icky about anyways. I knew eating the way I do at home wouldn’t be totally feasible, I knew we were going out for my birthday and I also knew I would … Continue reading