Trouble with Travel

Went to Houston last weekend and wound up doing a few things I was mentally prepared for but also left me feeling kind of icky about anyways. I knew eating the way I do at home wouldn’t be totally feasible, I knew we were going out for my birthday and I also knew I would be eating out more in general. I brought with me some exercises to while there, but we just peppered our days will so much activity that when I got home at the end of the day I was pooped. By not exercising and by eating out for at least one meal a day, my body was pissed off come Tuesday. I wasn’t keeping everything I was eating and I was even dreaming about running! Talk about a body that likes its new regime!!! The interesting thing is that when I was eating out I was choosing salads with dressing on the side or chicken with veggies. Didn’t matter, it wasn’t the same and my body knew.

Now with moving to Houston in a few months I am hoping the eating out is only because I am “on vacation” and will not become a regular thing. I really need to eat clean. I know I still have sweets from time to time, but I learnt this weekend that it can’t handle someone else’s cooking.

Since getting back, I have worked out every other day and have reclaimed my eating habits. My body has just gotten back to normal, but when I worked out last night it was PISSED. It did not want to run and I just had to power through it. By doing so I had my best run time, again by 2 minutes. Awesome, if you ask me! Soon I need to do different exercises, as my body is getting used to them. Time to mix it up again.