Really? I am naming my blog post “constipated”?? Yeah, this weekend kind of sucked. I woke up Saturday with a pained belly and the inability to poop. It was from out of nowhere! I have never been constipated in my life, so I was kind of shell shocked. And in mild pain. I tried to … Continue reading

Paleo Meal Prep Review

This week I tried something new—I ordered 100% paleo food from this woman in my area who is creating her own food prep business. Her story is similar to those around me, once over-weight, now on her path to being healthy. She also does crossfit and has her own amazingly hilarious blog that I love … Continue reading

Advocare 24 Day Challenge: The Sequel

I decided back in November that right after Christmas I would do the 24 day challenge again, to reset my taste buds and get my cravings for sugar nipped in the bud right away. I am entering day 3 right now, and I think this time around the challenge is more difficult when it comes … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 16

Today was all about making big strides! I named the evil voice in my head yesterday, the one that likes eating endless amounts of ice cream, that thinks after I workout I deserve a treat for that workout. Oh yes, her name is Lindsay. And she is a tricky vixen. She likes fatty food, she … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 3

Today started off pretty great! I got to sleep in a little (hello day off!), did some work around the house and then went to my boot camp at 11:30am for something outside my box: Latin Spice dancing. Let me tell you how I am not the dancing type. I don’t have rhythm. I don’t … Continue reading

My Food Issues

I heard somewhere that to lose weight that even if you are working out, you need to make sure you are eating right because weight loss is 80% food 20% exercise. I don’t know what the true ratio is (a lot of websites disagree on this), but they all agree that food intake is of … Continue reading