have-you-seen-the-new-movie-constipated-pun-dogReally? I am naming my blog post “constipated”?? Yeah, this weekend kind of sucked. I woke up Saturday with a pained belly and the inability to poop. It was from out of nowhere! I have never been constipated in my life, so I was kind of shell shocked. And in mild pain. I tried to think–what had I eaten to bring this on? Nothing out of the ordinary! I am still eating tons of veggies and protein and my water intake has increased since it has been so hot. I didn’t want to aggravate the situation so I basically ate applesauce, fig newtons (like 2), protein shakes and spinach salads over the weekend. As of last night things started getting better and it has followed to this morning. I am hopeful that with an increase in fruit intake and more working out this week, everything will kind of work itself out.

In other news, I have been to crossfit 3 times a week two weeks in a row and I have been walking like a cowboy ever since! It’s funny how I forgot how to walk after doing tons of wall balls and thrusters. This week I plan on going 4 times, but it all depends how much my body hurts {in a bad way}. I always listen and never push anymore!

I see my nutritionist tomorrow and I am hoping it’s another good visit. We shall see!

2 thoughts on “Constipated

  1. I’m a chronic constipater (is that a word) and no amounts of fruits help. I find though that doing the Whole30 helps a lot with loosening things up. Looking forward to start it up again on September 1st!

    • I am seeing my nutritionist and will see what I can o to prevent this in the future. But good to know that fruit does nothing!! BOO. But at least it is tasty.

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