My Food Issues

I heard somewhere that to lose weight that even if you are working out, you need to make sure you are eating right because weight loss is 80% food 20% exercise. I don’t know what the true ratio is (a lot of websites disagree on this), but they all agree that food intake is of paramount importance. This post will commence a series of discussions about my relationship with food and how I need to change and what the steps are that I need to take to get there.

But first, let me express that even though I had heard about the relationship of food and diet, I was losing inches so consistently that I didn’t really watch what I was eating. There was always an excuse as to why I wasn’t eating well. I would have a healthy breakfast and lunch, but then I would snack on chocolate bars and eat a lot of heavy starches at dinner. And that worked against my workouts.

In August I changed a little and stopped eating chocolate altogether (thank you Jerrad). And this was a great move–I released myself of a clutch that had been with me since my Blockbuster days. But what I didn’t realize was how addicted I was to sugar and so even though I stopped eating chocolate bars, I found other things to eat during that time and they were not exactly healthy. I would have nuts, but a lot more than a handful, or a carby bar that was low on calories but wasn’t doing anything for me nutritionally. And I was was always left wondering “Why wasn’t I losing weight??” The fact is, I was still eating things that were working against me–I had simply found things to replace the chocolate, that gave me the same sugar high I got from the chocolate.

I also struggle big time with family events. I honestly used them as a crutch as a reason why I wouldn’t eat well. “Oh this is a birthday dinner, it is ok to eat cake” or “It’s my rehearsal dinner, it’s ok if I eat steak, mashed potato and this amazing cake”. And I still suck at these scenarios. Only in Houston they are different–Robert’s family doesn’t really cook, so to have a meal with them means eating out. And even though I have been going boot camp and increased my cardio, I haven’t seen the weight come off. I can partially attribute it to the fact that I eat out at least twice a week. But I was also doing other things I didn’t know were working against me.

I took things into my hands this week and sat down with my personal trainer at boot camp and asked her what to do about what was going on. She had me write out for her what I ate in a day and she explained to me in detail why I wasn’t losing weight. I am going to save that for a new post because that will be long enough in itself. But I have changed my entire approach to food because of this conversation and let’s just say I had no idea how what I was eating was working against me, even on my “good” days.

So tune in in the next few days for how I changed my eating, why I eat certain foods (or have been advised to, this is hard yo!!) ad what exactly I have given up.

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