A Week of Ups and Downs

Last week I had a rough go when it came to working out as my shifts at work were not the norm and thus I wasn’t able to attend boot camp the way I wanted to. This week was much better for that, I have been 4 times so far, which is great! I also … Continue reading

Home Made Protein Bars

A wonderful woman from my boot camp brought in her home-made protein bars for us girls to try and they were darn tasty. She sent me the recipe over Facebook and today I had the time to make them!! These suckers are the perfect snack, they have protein in them to help keep your metabolism up, … Continue reading


I was reading another person’s weight loss blog as I was watching The Biggest Loser and I started to think to myself–I am good at chronicling how things are going for me but I have stopped discussing how I keep myself motivated. It has not been a cake walk. Let’s discuss how I have been at the same … Continue reading

Weight Loss Apparent

I have had a mostly good week. Last week I had a realization that I was letting myself go on the weekends and that it was having a poor effect on all of the effort I have been putting into this process. I was eating out more, I was eating sweets, and it wasn’t just … Continue reading