Post Humus Reaction to the CrossFit Open

I see a lot of people talking about how, although the open was difficult for them, they have walked away with a feeling of accomplishment and a list of things they need to work on. My reaction, possibly because I got injured right out of the gate, is different. I don’t want this to take … Continue reading

CrossFit Open 14.3 – Beast Mode Activated!

Ola gentle readers! Yesterday I did the CrossFit Open 14.3—which was all deadlifts and box jumps {or for me and my wounded feet box step-ups}. When this workout was announced I was pretty excited as I am very strong in my deadlifting abilities, and I was hoping I could get through the box step-ups without … Continue reading

Pearland CrossFit does 14.1

I cannot believe it’s been a year since I witnessed my first CrossFit Games open WOD’s at Pearland CrossFit. Back then I had a simple point-and-shoot camera and I barely knew anyone at the box. I still went. I met people and was inspired by all these amazing athletes. This year was only a little … Continue reading

14.1 Results = EPIC

I don’t even know how to write this. How does one describe euphoria? Overcoming obstacles? Creating magic when it matters the most? This was Friday for me at the open. If you read my previous post, you will know that I have never done a double under in my life. I had practiced, a lot. … Continue reading

Breakouts and Breakthroughs

Breakouts: Lordy lordy, did legumes every pack a PUNCH! My face has broken out into zits, my rosacea is worse, my knee is tweaking me again. All signs of inflammation! Guess I know what legumes were doing to me. I feel like a walking irritation, honestly. At least I know now what irritates me and I can … Continue reading