Breakouts and Breakthroughs

ex rxBreakouts: Lordy lordy, did legumes every pack a PUNCH! My face has broken out into zits, my rosacea is worse, my knee is tweaking me again. All signs of inflammation! Guess I know what legumes were doing to me. I feel like a walking irritation, honestly. At least I know now what irritates me and I can avoid all things soy, bean and peanut-esque. Maybe in a week or two I will have peanut butter again in isolation to see if I can have a little.

Next post: non-gluten carb reintroduction (imagine tortilla chips, corn and rice).

Breakthrough: Yesterday at CrossFit we did a WOD from last year’s open 13.2. Guess who did it prescribed? RX? This girl!!!! What! YEAH BABY! First time ever! So what was this workout? 5 shoulder to overhead at 75 pounds, 10 deadlifts at 75 pounds and 15 box jumps. It was a 10 minute workout, as many rounds as you could do. I got 4 rounds plus 8. And I felt really good with that result. Doing should to overhead at 75 pounds is really heavy after the second round. But instead of second guessing myself, I said to myself at the beginning I was going to RX it and I did. Just goes to show that the mind is a very powerful thing. If you think you can, you can. I am going to continue to work on my mind as I progress physically in CrossFit.