Pearland CrossFit does 14.1

I cannot believe it’s been a year since I witnessed my first CrossFit Games open WOD’s at Pearland CrossFit. Back then I had a simple point-and-shoot camera and I barely knew anyone at the box. I still went. I met people and was inspired by all these amazing athletes. This year was only a little different–I competed {obviously}, and I have a strong group of friends now at the box. What hasn’t changed is that I was still inspired by the athletes which made it so much fun capturing my friends as they fought for every rep. And oh yeah, I have a beautiful new camera to make them all look glorious!

Below are some pictures I took. Please enjoy!




Karl warm-up

Sarah before

Kris before

Keegan jump1

Karl jump1

John jump1

Cheryl jump3

Kris before2

Niiko jump1

John lift1

John lift3

Sarah lift1

Sarah lift2

Cheryl lift3

Niiko lift2

Keegan sign

Niiko over