14.1 Results = EPIC

ex double under memeI don’t even know how to write this. How does one describe euphoria? Overcoming obstacles? Creating magic when it matters the most? This was Friday for me at the open. If you read my previous post, you will know that I have never done a double under in my life. I had practiced, a lot. I couldn’t figure out how a person was able to turn a rope twice under their feet.

I went into my warm-up with the advice from people in my head. I wanted to practice the mental “jump-spin-spin” idea from David. I also had my friend Haley’s jump rope, which is a speed rope and is designed for double unders. We are the same height, so it was perfect for me. So I practiced. I put myself in the corner and practiced with Skip, another member who hadn’t landed a double under either. During practice I happened to look over at Haley and she let me know I was really close and said to spin my wrists faster. So I worked on that, and still nothing. The last piece of the puzzle was when I said to myself “slow down a bit and make yourself smaller”. So I did, and BAM! The rope went over me twice! HOLY S….UGAR!! I cheered and stopped warming up. I wanted to save whatever just happened for the actual WOD.

Then the WOD started I started doing simple jump rope. Tried a double under…nope. Jumped a bit more and BINGO, I landed one!! I exploded in cheers, and so did my friends who were watching me. All of a sudden my goal of getting “just one” was instantly reconfigured. Next goal: 10. I met that goal, to a bunch more cheering! Next goal: 30–maybe I could do one or two snatches? Done! I got through the 30 double unders in about 6 minutes? I don’t even know, I was so excited, I threw the rope down and marched over to the bar. Weight lifting is my strength, so I did the snatches in batches of 5. I still had time left! So I run back over to the jump rope and start doing more double unders. It was unbelievable. I finished the WOD with a score of 57–meaning I did 42 double unders!


When I finished I was euphoric. And I was surrounded by the most supportive group of people. I feel very lucky–Sarah when she was judging me just gave me small tips {I was slowing down on my second spin of the wrist, pick up the bar} and the cheers from my friends motivated me to keep fighting. It was the biggest high of 2014 for me, and it’s only March!

Now there is a sad note to this post–I was slamming down on my left heel when doing this and I have hurt it. I can’t put my full weight on it right now but I have had it wrapped and iced all day. I am making a chiropractor appointment on Monday and I hope to get in right away. I have been in contact with my massage therapist and he is hopeful we can get this worked out. I might have to not participate in this week’s open workout, and I might be out for a few weeks. But it’s a great lesson in treating my feet well and I plan to go to a chiropractor monthly from here on out. My feet have been hurting subtly for the past few months and it’s time.

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  1. So very awesome. I’m still in the very early stages of learning double unders as well. The whole idea of it damn near baffles me. I went to watch the people at our box to 14.1 today and did some practicing with what they told me. same deal, breath, slow down and i had much the same luck. Still cant do many, but I can do some. Now to start RX’ing some workouts with them..ha! good luck in the rest of the open events!

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