California Road Trip


I’m on vacation! After two weeks of having the cold from hell, I’m finally feeling human and thankfully able to travel without being miserable. That cold knocked me on my ass, I was napping at least once a day and lost my voice. Needless to say no working out occurred.


But now that I’m in California, I’m walking over 10k steps a day. Those hills in San Francisco were no joke, but I did better with them than when I was there in my 20’s with Allison and Hollie, so that’s good! We are now in Santa Barbara and going to Hollywood today! I’m so excited, it’s my mecca! I’m hopeful to molest a minimum of three celebrities 😉


I'm eating a lot of fish and chips on the coast.

Oh! We bought a treadmill! I plan on using that sucker all the time when I return. That way I’ll get to 10k steps consistently.

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