“Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons

Every once in a while a song comes along that inspires. It fills you with its spirit and pushes you during its workouts and makes you workout that much harder. Radioactive is one of those songs. It snuck up on me–it has been played at my gym for the past few months and sporadically and … Continue reading

Smaller? Maybe!!

It is so hard to know when you are getting smaller during weight loss. I know this sounds odd, shouldn’t you know? Aren’t your clothes fitting differently? Don’t you see it in the mirror? The answer is no! Seriously though, I am way too close to what is going on, so it should be no … Continue reading


I did it, I bought one. What am I talking about?? I bought this little fellow who counts my steps. But he does WAY more than that–he counts my calories burned, how many floors I have climbed, how many miles I have walked and then gives me an activity score. This is just the tip … Continue reading


Sorry about the hiatus, I have been going through a lot internally as of late. After the ten days of cleanse I went to Dallas on a training trip with work, which was nice and fun but they fed me the entire time. Again, I express that the them putting me up in a hotel … Continue reading

Day 7 Check-In

Sorry check in yesterday, I closed and came home and basically went straight to bed. The last two days I have been struggling a little bit in the sense that I am wanting different food. So I probably should have started to diversify my meals at this point, but I got through! Today thought I … Continue reading

Day 5 Check-In

Today my mind wasn’t the enemy, which was a huge relief! I got up and went to my boot camp, it was a specialty class that focuses on my legs and butt. It was a great class, lead by Monica. Afterwards I talked with Shellie, one of the owners of the boot camp, regarding my … Continue reading

Day 4 Check-In

Today was rough. My mind was my enemy at every turn, as was my environment. Today I was at a training class from 9am to 3pm. In said class there was a bowl of chocolates to my left and my right, beckoning to me to be eaten. I didn’t touch them, but around 2pm I … Continue reading


I should have been weighed and measured before starting the cleanse, but I started it on Sunday, when I couldn’t go to my gym because I was at work. I don’t own a scale (I think owning one leads to unhealthy obsession, as I have personally witnessed many women in my life weigh themselves everyday). … Continue reading

Day Two

Day two started out pretty much like day one–enjoying my two morning drinks, having fruit for breakfast and drinking lots of water. Then I noticed a few differences from day one: I have to pee more, and it might be because I drink 3 drinks in the morning, but it lasts all day long. I … Continue reading