ex fitbit itselfI did it, I bought one. What am I talking about?? I bought this little fellow who counts my steps. But he does WAY more than that–he counts my calories burned, how many floors I have climbed, how many miles I have walked and then gives me an activity score. This is just the tip of the iceberg though–the one I bought also tracks my sleep, I can input what I eat on the site or on their app, and I can see when I did those stairs climbing and when I was burning the most amount of calories.

This little guy is neat. I am not to proud to say that the fitbit dashboard is constantly on my laptop, and I am always looking at something on it. I am a nerd, right?? The biggest thing for me is how much I sleep at night, when I wake up and how often, etc. What have I learned? I have a high efficiency in sleep. My average time in falling asleep is within 5 minutes. I am not surprised. If my head is on a pillow, I am falling asleep. I am 95% efficient, which is bordering on narcolepsy, according to random sites I googled. So it’s totally legit, right? I don’t know how this little fella determines that I woke up at 3am (is it movement from me?), but I still am fascinated.

What have I learned since buying this? So much!!

1. I don’t walk as much as I thought I did. It is darn hard to

ex fitbit week stats activity

make it to 10,000 steps a day! And I admit I fail at that a lot, and I work in retail, in a big ass store. And I don’t make it. Plus! I do my workouts three times a week, and even on those days I struggle. I notice that with my fitbit, I have to wear it on my arm because it doesn’t count my steps when it is affixed to my pant pocket or bra. Too bad, cause wearing it on my arm makes me look like a gang member. Seriously. I have been getting comments. From strangers.

2. I didn’t realize how many carbs I eat. Still! The area where I track my food intake breaks down for my what percentage I am eat in carbs, fat and protein. Thought it was less, but surprisingly quinoa has a lot of carbs and then you add in all the little carbs that are naturally part of the food you eat, from milk, to green beans, to my morning Spark. Currently I eat the following ratio: 35% protein, 25% fat and 40% carbs. Some days my carbs are higher and my protein lower.

3. I sleep a lot. I have heard this is healthy! I sleep 7 to 9 hours a night. I wake up, on average, 10 times a night. For like a minute, max. I love that my sleep is so awesome.

ex fitbit sleep march 5

Now the fitbit isn’t perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but I have learned to deal with its issues. As I mentioned earlier, I look like a gang member because it doesn’t calculate my steps properly unless it is on my arm. Further, it doesn’t calculate my floors climbed correctly either. I did my workout on Monday, did 30 box jumps and it only register about half. This begs the question–how many steps up are a floor? Further, it had me climbing a floor when I wasn’t–I know this, my store is flat. I wasn’t climbing a ladder. I don’t know.

Also, I find it hard to find friends and find a group that suits me. It doesn’t allow me to look through possible friends who are already signed up, it wants me to send an email to my friends to get them signed up. I find that pushy and I won’t do that. Further, for both friends and group, there is no “search” function, so I have to go page by page in the groups to find one I like. That shit is super time consuming! No thanks!! So I have no friends and am not part of any groups and I blame their crappy website for that.

Overall though I am loving this contraption. I even have my staff asking what my sleep was last night and to see my stats. It’s kind of hilarious how addicting this thing can be.

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    • Thanks for the comment, I am so obsessed, it’s kind of nutty! Which one did you get? The smaller one that is coloured or the one I have that also tracks your sleep? Hope you like it like I do 🙂

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