I should have been weighed and measured before starting the cleanse, but I started it on Sunday, when I couldn’t go to my gym because I was at work. I don’t own a scale (I think owning one leads to unhealthy obsession, as I have personally witnessed many women in my life weigh themselves everyday). So today, after my morning workout, I pulled one of the owners of the gym aside to get weighed and measured. And this is my starting point. I am so excited!!!! Why??

I am down 6 pounds!!! Somewhere from June 3rd to now (that was the last time I got weighed) I lost weight, I broke through my plateau and I went down into a new weight bracket!!! WOW!!! I was shocked!  Further, I have lost another 6 inches off my body, mainly in my arms (woo hoo!!!) and legs. My hips are finally in a new bracket (I am out of the 50’s!).

With just starting the cleanse I am now excited to see what my results will be! I am seriously shocked by all this, but happily shocked!