Day 5 Check-In

Today my mind wasn’t the enemy, which was a huge relief! I got up and went to my boot camp, it was a specialty class that focuses on my legs and butt. It was a great class, lead by Monica. Afterwards I talked with Shellie, one of the owners of the boot camp, regarding my cleanse and what was coming up next for me, as I am halfway through the cleanse phase of the 24 day challenge. It was nice to have someone to talk to about what I went through yesterday and get tips from her for the future, so that I don’t maul people for eating a cooking in front of me!!!

Then I came home and had a yummy breakfast of eggs, strawberries and my fiber drink, pictured here. The eggs were cooked with olive oil spray and were totally clean. And I seriously love this fiber drink! I tried a new flavour of Spark today–Mango Strawberry and I have to say I am not a fan of it. Too mango-y. I prefer the fruit punch, that one and I are besties. I will try the other flavour ( don’t remember what it is) but I think fruit punch will be my tried and true.

For dinner I had to punt. I wanted to make the chicken with the pasta sauce in my fridge cause it happens to be super tasty, but it contains cream and mascarpone cheese. Blast!!!! To adhere to the “no dairy” rule I had to find something else. So I got some tomato paste, olive oil, italian seasoning, onions and garlic and mixed them together and poured it over the chicken. I have to say it turned out pretty darn good, even my husband liked it and he dislikes onion! I felt very triumphant.

I am noticing some differences with my wedding bands–they are very loose now and rolling about my finger. I think others would find this exciting, but I find it irritating!! I constantly have to move them back into place, and it bugs I tell ya! My shorts are also larger–I can now officially take them off without undoing them. And they are a size 18. This means I can go out and buy a size 16 from this brand, which is rather exciting! Especially considering how I went to Academy Sports a few weekends ago for new workout clothing and couldn’t fit into anything, which made me depressed. I am on my way people, I am on my way.

So overall, today saw no cravings, no hard moments with tempting chocolate and cookies, a good chat with my trainer and a delicious impromptu chicken recipe. A good day indeed!