Food, Airrosti & PR’s

I wrote half this blog 2 months ago and then life happened and I just didn’t get here. So now I have even more to report! My last post discussed how all these changes were coming and now I have implemented them and things are getting better. Nutrition–this is going to be a lot to … Continue reading

GOALS {2014 Edition}

Buckle up beotches! I have been doing a lot of thinking about my physical abilities and where I want to go for 2014. I have been thinking about this for a good 6 weeks and consulting with my trainers and everything. I have been thinking about my food and have experimented over the past 10 … Continue reading

Mental Aspects of Weight Loss

On my lunch today I came across an article by a woman who lost 180 pounds after having by-pass surgery. Her story really left an impression on me, and made me think long and hard about the journey I have been on. With her, she lost the weight without effort and quickly due to her … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 28 & 29

Yesterday was low-key. I had planned on going to boot camp after work, but the day was such a weird day that I left work late and didn’t get there. So I went for a walk around my neighborhood instead. Not the same, but I always have secondary plans up my sleeve. I ate pretty … Continue reading

Fitness Challenge: Day 13

Today was a good day! All around!! Got up early (my body woke me up at 7am even though I am on vacation) and I caught up on a few tv shows. Then I got my husband up and we worked out together–we shared my 10 pound weights and the step. We did walking lunges … Continue reading

Weight Lifting is Your Friend!

I know there are women out there who have avoided working out with weights because they are afraid they are going to bulk up like guys. I distinctly remember a friend of mine in university telling me that I should avoid weights because of this. This is absolutely ridiculous and I felt skeptical at the time, but … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Lift Weights

I was driving home the other night and the John Tesh Radio Show came on. I really like listening to his tidbits of information because he always something interesting. This tidbit had to do with why weight lifting is good for you. I was impressed and also noticed that the positive effects were happening in my … Continue reading