Fitness Challenge: Day 13

Today was a good day! All around!! Got up early (my body woke me up at 7am even though I am on vacation) and I caught up on a few tv shows. Then I got my husband up and we worked out together–we shared my 10 pound weights and the step. We did walking lunges in the driveway (I think the neighbours thought we were nuts, but that’s ok!!), lots of jumping jacks and power jumps. Robert has an issue with doing squats, so I got a chair for him and he just sat down and stood up for that portion. We got sweaty and got our heart rates up. It was good! And I finally can say I had another cardio workout this week. 45 minutes worth.

Food-wise, today was great. Not too much sugar, not too much fat. I felt satisfied all day.


Scrambled eggs with a piece of toast. 2 cups of water. Skinny vanilla latte.


Chicken with broccoli, spinach, mushrooms and pasta. In an olive oil/garlic sauce. YUM! 4 cups of water.


Magic pops and hummus. 2 cups of water. Hot chocolate.

I had lunch at about 4pm, which turned into dinner. So the hummus and pops were more dinner.

Also today I walked a lot, got some good shopping done (Williams Sonoma, you will be the death of me!!) and am now just enjoying my night with my husband, watching The Amazing Spiderman and dreaming of the pies I will make for Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, I am that girl 🙂