Weight Lifting is Your Friend!

I know there are women out there who have avoided working out with weights because they are afraid they are going to bulk up like guys. I distinctly remember a friend of mine in university telling me that I should avoid weights because of this. This is absolutely ridiculous and I felt skeptical at the time, but didn’t say much, as I didn’t have all the facts. Women’s bodies are simply not designed to get bulky, we have different hormonal makeup that prevents us to bulk up and build the same kind of muscle mass as a man. I mean if we did, wouldn’t there be a ton of women out there who look like men?? Let’s be realistic here people! And further, if you are obese (which I still am, btw) there is no proof to the myth that if you work out with weights, that the muscle you build will push the fat out more. And lastly, building muscle in your body means you are increasing your body’s metabolism and

Weights are amazing for your workouts. They help transform and tone your body, and when used in combination with cardio, the two work together to make a woman’s body svelte!! I am almost at the weight I was when I was 27, but I am a full size smaller in clothing and my body and legs are a lot smaller then I was at that time, and it has everything to do with my working out with weights.

So ladies, pick up those weights!! Start small, with 5 pounds or so, and track what you do. Increase the amount of weights every week or two and you will be amazed! And remember–with weight training, you won’t see results immediately and you will be sore. But in 3 weeks your body will be stronger, tighter and smaller. Don’t be impatient–the results are sooooo worth it!

The great objection to women exercising—namely, the fear of becoming muscular—is quite without foundation. It cannot be too often repeated that woman is not simply a weaker man: she is physically an entirely different being … In women the muscles simply become firm, close-knit, and well-rounded, and show under the layer of fatty tissue intervening between muscle and skin only in soft, hardly discernible masses, just sufficiently to give a delicate moulding to the form.
Eugen SandowSydney Mail, October 22, 1902.