Fitness Challenge: Day 28 & 29

Yesterday was low-key. I had planned on going to boot camp after work, but the day was such a weird day that I left work late and didn’t get there. So I went for a walk around my neighborhood instead. Not the same, but I always have secondary plans up my sleeve. I ate pretty good too–I haven’t felt like having coffee for the past three days, so I simply haven’t had it. It’s very odd, never in my life have I just not felt like a food before and stopped having it. I wonder if something is going on. But it’s a healthy thing to happen, so I am going with it!

Today there was no night boot camp class, so instead I did my own workout for thirty minutes with my ten pound weights and my step. Got nice n sweaty! Food-wise I probably should have eaten more…


Toast and peanut butter, cups of water.


Turkey, green beans and potato; 2 cups of water.


Weight watchers cheese crisps. 2 cups of water.


Turkey, broccoli and rice. 2 cups of water. Pumpkin pie.