Food, Airrosti & PR’s

eas shake

This bad boy is my morning snack in-between breakfast and lunch. Surprisingly good!!

I wrote half this blog 2 months ago and then life happened and I just didn’t get here. So now I have even more to report! My last post discussed how all these changes were coming and now I have implemented them and things are getting better.

Nutrition–this is going to be a lot to talk about, so buckle in. So even though I had changed my eating after seeing Frances at the end of 2014, things still weren’t clicking. What I learned in this meeting is that I am still starving myself, which is why I crave sweets in the afternoon and evenings. This is something that was reiterated in my 2nd meeting with my nutritionist. Every meal I need some form of carb–whether it is sweet potato {yuck} or rice or beans. This is something that Whole 30 was adamantly against, but I have to say that since I have introduced carbs back into my diet on a consistent basis, I do not crave sugar the way I used to. I am still not eating enough of the carbs {I am working on it!!} according to my nutritionist after she read my food journal. Another thing, I need to increase the amount of protein I eat and that my protein needed to be lower in fat. It made me realize I was eating a lot of pork and beef {basically paleo staples} and I needed to eat more turkey and fish. I am not the biggest fan of fish, so I have been consuming shrimp and tuna.

I am sure a braver person would discuss what their fat percentage is but I am not that person. I will say it isn’t as high as I thought it was going to be and I have a goal of losing half of it. I lost 3.5% of it in the past two months–which translates to 10 lbs in body fat loss. How that translates to overall body weight, I don’t know. I asked the nutritionist not to tell me how much I weigh, as I hate knowing that and I am already upset enough about how much I have gained and where I was when all this started. It feels like a slap to the face considering how much I have changed my eating in the past few years. I am hoping I am finally on the right track, it feels like I am on the right track. Clothes are fitting better {or are baggier} and it is nice to feel this way again.

wpid-wp-1434333622476.jpegAirrosti–I saw her three times two months ago. The first visit was plain torturous. She worked on my butt, my lower back and my hip. The pressure she put on my hips felt like a truck was sitting on them. I cursed, I cried, and suffered. I left bruised and with homework–to work on rolling my body 3 times a day and putting a smal ball on the inside of my hip and pressing it in there. The second visit was much the same with more homework given out. The third visit was a good day–me doing the homework made it so that it was my last visit–my back hump was almost gone when she put the same pressure on my hips it did not feel like a truck was on them. I left with homework to do everyday–working on the strength of my core and to roll my entire body everyday, regardless if I do Crossfit. I would like to say I have been the model patient in this area, but that would be a lie. I roll after working out, but not on the days I don’t.

prsPR’s–So I have been inconsistent with crossfit for a while. Since I dropped that barbell on my lower back. It’s been hard getting back and trusting my body, and part of that is an excuse and I own it. I am working on my mental game right now. That being said, I have had some PR’s recently and it’s been encouraging!! I went up 20# on my front squat and 25# on my back squat in April–so now I can do 155# for my front and 165# for my back, and I probably could add 5 to 10 pounds to those. Again, I was nervous, didn’t trust my body and didn’t fully push it. But those were still hard. This past week I did 3 sets of 3 thruster and I got to 85#, which is no joke!! I also have done Fran recently and Diane, and both I could have gone heavier.

Now I want to be consistent. I want to go three times a week and be a little heavier in my weight. And I want to roll everyday. My body is hanging in there, feeling strong, rebounding. It’s time to treat it like that.

Thanks for listening!! I know it’s been a while–I never stopped, I just had a ton of life things get in the way.