Temptation Island

Last week was both good and challenging. I am settling into a nice pattern with my workouts that look like this: Crossfit Monday and Wednesday; Kickboxing Thursday; running or walking everyday but Tuesday, and on the weekends I aim for 2 miles each day. My calves are getting tighter, so I need to stretch them … Continue reading

Year in Review

2014 was an interesting year for me, it taught me about my limits, tested my resolve, I learned a bunch of new recipes and I tried to transform my eating. I have to say I wasn’t prepared for the push-back I got from my body with all its injuries and that was tough for me. … Continue reading

Realities of Sugar

This post is brought to you  by a conversation I had with one of my friends from my box, Andrea. She has recently seen the movie Fed Up, a documentary about the sugar industry in the United States. It got me thinking, as these conversations tend to do and it has made me look at what … Continue reading

Whole30 {60}: Home stretch

Seven days left with the first part of my Whole30! As you may be aware I plan on doing this for 60 days, just so I can really develop a solid relationship with sugar. And by solid relationship, I mean a relationship where I control my thoughts and actions. That being said I am approaching … Continue reading

Epiphany #1: Why I Love Foods that Hate Me

In “It Starts with Food” there were many moments where I went “A-hah!” and I am going to do mini-blogs to go into what it is and why it resonated with me specifically. Chapter 4: Your Brain on Food: This chapter discusses how the food that is predominant in society today is designed to mess with … Continue reading

Writing it ALL Down

Today I made a small change in my life–I decided to start a food journal. I had been doing My Fitness Pal for a little bit but I dislike having to input all my foods–it’s time consuming and irritating. I know it saves my food but I have a lot of new foods I eat … Continue reading

Change in Taste buds?

I don’t know how much I have talked about my relationship with sugar, but it is a love-hate relationship. I love sugar, I will find anyway to incorporate it into my diet, a lot of the time not realizing I am doing it. The hate is from the sugar itself. It changes my body for … Continue reading