Realities of Sugar

ex sugar poisonThis post is brought to you  by a conversation I had with one of my friends from my box, Andrea. She has recently seen the movie Fed Up, a documentary about the sugar industry in the United States. It got me thinking, as these conversations tend to do and it has made me look at what I eat to see if how far over my daily limit I am going. I am sure that I am.

The World Health Organization recently lowered the daily recommended amount to 25 grams a day for a woman of “normal” BMI {don’t get me started on BMI, that measurement is a fucking joke}. I have decided to pretend I have a normal BMI and look and see how many grams of sugar I consume in a day. I haven’t looked at this in a bit, so I am sure it will be upsetting. Maybe this will be a wake-up call for me!!

Today’s meals:

{B} 2 eggs w chorizo and 1 piece of bacon: 1g + 0g + 0g = 1g

{L} pork loin w garlic mashed cauliflower, carrots and celery: 0g + 2g + 3g = 5g

{S} grande caramel frapp no whip: 59g {OMG I didn’w know this!!! *dies*}

{D} BBQ chicken w green beans in ghee: 5g + 0g = 5g

TOTAL: 70g

Wow. I am not even sure what to say. That one drink blew my intake out of the water. Wow. I was just ignorant this entire time. I wasn’t paying attention. Mother of pearl. Well, that’s out! If I had not had that I would have had 11 grams today! I have nothing else to say about this. I am really disappointed in myself for not paying attention. And that is all I am going to say about that.

Except for that I just ate 2.8 times the recommended amount of sugar today. Fuck.

In other news I am looking to participate in a beginner CrossFit competition. I am hopeful to find one not sold out. I am on two waiting lists right now. I am hopeful to test all the skills I have gained in the past year.