Whole30 {60}: Home stretch

ABM_1398308516Seven days left with the first part of my Whole30! As you may be aware I plan on doing this for 60 days, just so I can really develop a solid relationship with sugar. And by solid relationship, I mean a relationship where I control my thoughts and actions. That being said I am approaching my next whole30 differently, and technically it won’t be a whole30. It’s going to be 30 days of practice for the future. Here are the changes I plan to make starting May 2nd:

  • I am incorporating potatoes back into my diet permanently. I need more carby foods in my diet because of how much I workout. I am tired of feeling hungry all the time. I can’t have spaghetti squash and plantains all the time, I need variety. Plus, I feel my workouts will get better with this.
  • I am going to re-introduce my coffee 2 weeks in. This serves the purpose of me having a bit of sugar without having any more than that. I know that having sugar will be a challenge and I need to learn moderation. So this is my way of practicing. If my mind starts to go crazy I stop this.
  • I will have treats when I PR at CrossFit or birthday’s only. No more ice cream every two weeks, that didn’t work. But if I do a back squat above 135lbs, I will plan a treat for myself. And birthday’s are not to be for every person who works at the office, that’s crazy. It will be for my husband and myself, his parents and any family who I happen to be around on their birthday.

I hope that these plans work out. I am excited to see where my eating goes. My husband thinks I am a saint when it comes to my eating, but I need to see if I can continue to be strong after this.


2 thoughts on “Whole30 {60}: Home stretch

  1. Sugar is the biggest enemy. Your kicking its butt though and your starting to make our WOD’s look easy. Just remember your buff!!

    • Don’t say that too loud or the coaches will start to make me do more during the WOD! But thanks, I really feel like my conditioning is amping up, thanks for noticing 🙂

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