Year in Review

Year-in-Review2014 was an interesting year for me, it taught me about my limits, tested my resolve, I learned a bunch of new recipes and I tried to transform my eating. I have to say I wasn’t prepared for the push-back I got from my body with all its injuries and that was tough for me. I like to think I am in my 20’s and can do anything and that my body will just go with it. What I learned was that if I don’t properly stretch and take care of my muscles, said muscles are going to revolt and I will be in a world of pain.

Here is a positive that I learned: I respond well to challenges and programs. I fucking rocked my Whole 30 in January and April {or was it May?}. I learned quite a few new recipes that are staples in my everyday cooking now. I liked doing the Whole 30 because I have never gone 30 days without sugar and it was a great test. What kind of sucked is that my relationship to sugar hasn’t been fixed from it, even though I thought it might. Sugar is an addictive little motherfucker and I plan to work every day at having a better relationship with it, to not binge on it after being off it for 30 days.


This was a highlight of 2014, and my first injury.

2014 also brought me the important lesson of not being too hard on myself. My husband said it to me, as well as my doctor. I am in good shape, I am healthy and I am healing from my injuries. I need to be kinder to myself, accept my flaws and not talk to myself in a way that makes me feel bad about what has happened. I now actively harness the power of Stuart Smalley and tell myself that I am awesome, powerful and that I love myself. Do you know how hard it is to look at a body that is ugly by society’s standards and say that you love it? To tell the other voice in my head that says I am hideous to shut up? I know this sounds hokey, but seriously!!!! What you say to yourself could make or break your success, and I am a driven person {possibly to a fault, but whatevs}, and so it’s time to start loving me at this stage so that when I am about another 70lbs lighter, I will love myself there as well.

With that important lesson from 2014, I am going to approach 2015 with the mindset of doing strategic programs to get me to where I want to be body-wise and health-wise. Does this mean I will be doing another Whole 30? Kind of. I really like the eating program I got from Frances, and I have felt my metabolism kick into gear with it. I also need to get a better handle on sugar. So YES I am doing a Whole 30, just with more food, cause I really do need to eat every 2.5 hours and unfortunately the Whole 30 program thinks you can just eat more fat and that’s the same thing as a snack. {Pssst: it’s not!!} January 5th I start back up again. I am very interested to see how I feel with the extra meals, and I am hoping that might be the missing link for me getting over my almost-obsession with sugar.

90milesWhat else am I doing? Well I signed up for the 90 Miles in 90 Days Challenge, where I will be walking or running 90 miles in 90 days. It starts January 1st and I think it’s the right motivation I need to get my ass in gear for working out. It also has some pretty great prizes and a Mile High Club!!! Ha ha ha ha. If you want to join me, it’s $10 and goes until March 31st. I put it on my Facebook page at lunch and within two hours had three friends say they are joining me and another two who will unofficially do it with me. So if you want to watch me run for 90 days, my Instagram name is xine23. I will probably post here about it as well, cause I will most likely hate it for the first little bit, truth be told. I also plan on listening to my body and if I need to walk more than run thanks to my hips or calves, then so be it.

And I just wrote a novel. You’re welcome.