Temptation Island

Last week was both good and challenging. I am settling into a nice pattern with my workouts that look like this: Crossfit Monday and Wednesday; Kickboxing Thursday; running or walking everyday but Tuesday, and on the weekends I aim for 2 miles each day. My calves are getting tighter, so I need to stretch them more. The tightness is making running more difficult and I am listening to my body this time instead of getting injured. Other people in my 90 Miles group are doing 2-3 miles every day which is working for them, but with my other activities, and my proneness for injury, I am sticking to one mile a day as my baseline. Thankfully it has gotten ridiculously beautiful out in the last few days, so I have taking walks around the neighborhood and loving it!


I am sure it tasted good, but I don’t want to know how good.

Food-wise I am still to plan but had some unexpected challenges last week and a Friday of cravings that were insane!!So everything started off ok for the week. I made grilled chicken on my new BBQ, it was tasty as f*ck and I made a pot roast that was also wicked delicious. The tough part came on Friday. It was a random event, a coworker gave me one Lindt chocolate ball. Innocent enough, nothing crazy. I sat there at my lunch table and seriously contemplated eating it and then ultimately gave it to someone else. For the rest of the day all I could do was dream about chocolate. I wanted to pour a bath of pure milk chocolate, bathe in it and eat my way out. I am not kidding. I felt on-edge. The thought of chocolate came back to me all afternoon. After work, on my way to my manicure, I stopped at Target and bought a banana and ate it. After the second bite my entire body relaxed and my obsession died down. I was just surprised at how quickly I went from normal to full on craving attack. I am glad there was no chocolate lying around in the break room to tempt me.


The mountain of donuts. NOPE

On the weekend I was at a birthday party where I successfully ate to plan and ignored the very attractive cake and ice cream that was delivered to me. I did not even contemplate eating the sweets, I felt if I had even a tiny bit it would awaken the dragon and I am so fucking tired of my sugar dragon. Today I had more temptation. It was like Temptation Island!! Not only did someone bring in donuts this morning {and I mean a ton}, they also brought in bagels with flavoured cream cheese spreads and enticing cinnamon muffins. I made my coffee, closed the lids to all the items, as they smell amazing, and went about my business. I did not entertain the thought of consuming any part of that card fiesta and for some reason I did not have the same reaction I did on Friday. I joked with one of my coworkers who is also eating clean that we were being tested today and he laughed and felt the same way.


I hate you cinnamon muffins.

I am halfway through my whole 30+, day 15 today! And I had to check before writing that because I have lost count of the days, which I think is a good sign! Tomorrow the Tiger Blood is supposed to arrive and I am looking forward to it! Enough of these cravings and difficult moments! I am ready to embrace all the good things from eating this way!

This weekend my friend Shaun arrives from Canadaโ€”I am hoping to navigate through this as healthily and compliant to the Whole 30 as possible. I am sure I will have fun stories to share in a few days about it!