Protein is your Friend!

What’s up everyone? I am still in the land of the living! Don’t fret. I know I don’t post as much, but know that I am still working hard. The whole eating every 2 hours or so and it being protein-based is going really well during the week. I pre-boil my eggs on Sunday and … Continue reading

This is how my day is going….

Could I want chocolate anymore right now??? I am feeling slightly insane at the moment. I feel slightly unhinged, truth be told. I need to find something to get through this. Anyone want to come distract me?  

Whole30 {60} Week 2

Last week was a good week. I had a plan for food and it all went well! I noticed this week that I have stopped thinking about my Starbucks coffee, which is a good thing. By Friday though I was finding my cravings for chocolate coming back. ANNOYING. Especially considering this was the time when … Continue reading

Epiphany #1: Why I Love Foods that Hate Me

In “It Starts with Food” there were many moments where I went “A-hah!” and I am going to do mini-blogs to go into what it is and why it resonated with me specifically. Chapter 4: Your Brain on Food: This chapter discusses how the food that is predominant in society today is designed to mess with … Continue reading

My Food Issues

I heard somewhere that to lose weight that even if you are working out, you need to make sure you are eating right because weight loss is 80% food 20% exercise. I don’t know what the true ratio is (a lot of websites disagree on this), but they all agree that food intake is of … Continue reading


Chocolate and I are still separated!! The first day sucked. Let me just express the sheer amount of time that eating it went through my head. It was rough!! But I took the advice of Jarrod (friend at work) that the insane cravings would only last for three days and that from there I would … Continue reading

No More Chocolate!

I made a bold move today. I am tired of sllooowwwwwly losing weight. I haven’t been eating 100% right, and there are lots of articles out there that trumpet that losing weight is 80% food intake 20% exercise. I have the 20%. I need the 80%. So today I made the bold decision: NO MORE … Continue reading