Protein is your Friend!

protein-funnyWhat’s up everyone? I am still in the land of the living! Don’t fret. I know I don’t post as much, but know that I am still working hard. The whole eating every 2 hours or so and it being protein-based is going really well during the week. I pre-boil my eggs on Sunday and I pre-make my tuna as well. I have always cooked my lunches in advance, so that is nothing new. I am loving my breakfasts with oatmeal included in it now, like I wake up and think “It’s oatmeal time bitches!!” and I run for the kitchen.

That being said there are still challenges. I am still having more sugar than I want. At night it’s hard and then right after lunch I cover for someone else and there is a bowl of candy that sits right in front of me. I am not entirely winning that battle. But that being said, my eating is much better!! And all this protein is making me hungrier. I am waking up not just hungry but ravenous. And by 9:30am I am frothing at the mouth for my hard boiled eggs. That sad part? Weekends. I sleep in, I edit pictures for a little bit, this past weekend I shot a CrossFit competition from 7am – 3pm and my eating was completely thrown out of whack. I am photographing something every weekend and thus I am not sitting at a desk and am not able to always eat when I should. Weekends, why you throw everything off? But in the end, if 5 out of 7 days are knocked out of the park, I will just work on getting better and not sweat it. As long as I am not going crazy with the sugar.

chiro kittehIn other news my body threw me for another curveball {shanks a lot body!}, as two Saturday’s ago I slept so hard I got a crick in my neck that went down to my shoulder blade. It didn’t go away for 5 days, I kid you not. I couldn’t turn my head hardly at all, I couldn’t lift everyday items very far, meaning working out was basically impossible. I got a hot stone massage that helped, and I rolled out my back but it really didn’t stop hurting until Thursday. So at least I went to kickboxing, but after that my life was eaten by photography all weekend. Thankfully yesterday I got to the gym and tonight I am going to Atomic CrossFit. Since I haven’t gone to CrossFit in three weeks, I plan on scaling the crap out of the WOD and aiming for survival!!

I have also starting putting my workouts in my Google calendar so that way if I book a photography gig, I can plan around my workout. And so far it is working!

New goal: blog again this week! Crazy idea, right?

P.S. I might be having a ton of protein farts…