No More Chocolate!

I made a bold move today. I am tired of sllooowwwwwly losing weight. I haven’t been eating 100% right, and there are lots of articles out there that trumpet that losing weight is 80% food intake 20% exercise. I have the 20%. I need the 80%. So today I made the bold decision: NO MORE CHOCOLATE. Not one piece, nothing. I don’t want to say “not ever” but I am feeling kind of strongly that if I do have any chocolate again it will lead to my downfall. So what I have said is: “no chocolate for 30 days”. It takes 28 days for something to become a habit and it will take me probably 3-5 days to get over my hardkore cravings for the stuff. From there it will be a constant me telling myself that no, I cannot have it!

I will let everyone know how this goes and what results I see. If I can continue my working out 5 days a week and much less sugar intake, I bet things will start to move faster!